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Life doesn’t have to be seen as something you have to “get through,” but rather, it can be an experience where you thrive in peace, happiness, and fulfillment.

Becoming unbreakable means moving beyond merely coping with challenging situations, people, and emotions. Sure, coping is far better than not coping, and coping in healthy ways is better than coping in ways that produce additional suffering, but coping is just a start. At Unbreakable Inc., we focus on healing the root cause of affliction rather than addressing the symptoms alone.

As you resolve the root causes of affliction, you increasingly live in a state where your mind and heart are stable, calm, and highly resilient – no longer a victim of anxiety, stress, depression, conflict, and addiction, nor subject to the tyranny of past trauma. Life increasingly looks a lot more like what you envisioned for yourself – a happy, peaceful, and more meaningful life governed by healthy habits and mutually beneficial relationships. In short, becoming unbreakable means thriving no matter what life throws at you.

It’s natural to have doubts about whether or not this kind of work is for you. Here’s the thing: if you are self-aware and courageous enough to explore opportunities for help, you can become unbreakable. Because that’s what healing requires: self-awareness and courage.


Our approach to cultivating an Unbreakable mind, heart, and life is more than just talk therapy. The Unbreakable approach leverages the strengths of various treatment practices, including mindfulness-based cognitive therapies (like CBT), Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy (AEDP), motivational interviewing, and meditation. Our practice is tailored to those ready to put in the work of becoming increasingly Unbreakable. For some, this means addressing one particular aspect of themselves or their lives, for others, it can mean a complete overhaul.

Advantages of Therapy with Unbreakable Inc.:

Free initial session:

This kind of work isn’t for everyone – or maybe even most. We believe finding the right therapist shouldn’t be expensive, which is why we offer a 90-minute consultation session for free. During that consultation, we will discuss your needs, desires, and expectations and determine if we are a good fit for one another to support you at this point in your journey.

90-minute sessions:

Most practices limit the time invested per session to an hour (or less). We have found that longer, more intensive sessions produce faster, longer-lasting results.

Going far beyond merely coping is deep work, so we see clients for 90-minute sessions and encourage substantial daily at-home practice between sessions to habituate new skills, perspectives, and behaviors.

A blend of styles and approaches:

The deep work we do with clients requires a clinician who has done much more than gained knowledge through study. Our expertise is derived from an experience-driven blend of Western psychology and neuroscience, Eastern philosophy and psychology, extensive meditation practice, and in-the-trenches practical experience working in the corporate world. 

Online therapy home practice system:

Research has overwhelmingly shown that the best therapy outcomes occur when clients apply new ideas and practice new skills in between sessions. Unbreakable Inc. is developing a new, innovative online platform to better support this vital aspect of the therapeutic process. To try the system out right now, click below and login as a Guest to access a short module on the causes of, and solution to, suffering.


It’s the age-old question: What is suffering, and how does it end? Access a FREE short course on suffering, which outlines the fundamentals of why we suffer and offers some tactics that you can employ TODAY to get off the suffering merry-go-round.


Being happy requires an ethical approach to all areas of life; we cannot do harm in the world and expect happiness to result, and truthful speech is one important aspect. While the names and initials have been removed to protect confidentiality, each one of these statements was made by an actual client, someone just like yourself who was brave enough to ask for help.

I have worked with nearly a dozen therapists throughout my life in many different modalities, and Joe is the only one who actually made a remarkable, transformational and sustainable impact on my life. He is thoroughly invested and engaged in the therapeutic process in a truly extraordinary way... Joe not only provides empathetic and compassionate support while challenging unhealthy narratives and behavioral patterns, he also gives insight and perspective through a broad, unbiased and nonjudgmental lens. Joe is the only therapist with whom I have ever felt completely at ease, which enabled me to really open up, dig deep and do the work. I cannot adequately put into words the esteem in which I hold him or the gratitude I have for being able to work with him, but I can absolutely recommend him wholeheartedly to anyone who is serious about shifting out of suffering and into a healthy, balanced, meaningful way of being.
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I first sought help from Joe to learn how to better navigate a relationship in my life. What I initially thought would just be professional guidance to fix a single problem, soon transformed into a how-to guide for living an examined and happy life. I shudder at where my mind would have ended up had I not stumbled into his office.
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Our focused, supportive process is designed to help you reach your initial goal(s) as quickly as possible while preparing you for continual healing and growth that you may have never thought possible. If this is your first time trying therapy, welcome, and buckle up! If you are a therapy veteran and have been disappointed with your therapy journey (something we often hear), I greatly respect your resilience in not giving up and love meeting the challenge of offering something a bit different.


1. Try before you buy.

We don’t believe finding the right therapist and/or healing path should be expensive, which is why we offer a 90-minute consultation session for free. During that consultation, we will discuss your needs, desires, and expectations, and determine if our approach to healing is the optimal one to support you at this point in your journey. We make this as close to a “real” session as possible, so you can get a feel for what working together will be like for you.

2. Coping, Stabilization, & Preparation

Our initial focus is on deeply understanding the issues you are dealing with and helping you feel better NOW. We focus on coping and perspective-shifting strategies that help you experience life in a healthier way while also preparing you for the next phase – healing.

We will typically meet weekly during this phase of treatment.

3. Healing, Growth, & Evolution

The healing process is twofold: we systematically both increase resilience while also cultivating a wiser approach to life that decreases the amount of affliction you have to deal with.

We will typically meet once every 2 to 4 weeks during this phase of treatment.

4. Long-term Maintenance and Growth

Most clients integrate practices that continue their healing and growth, and checking in helps ensure that stagnation doesn’t occur.

During this phase of your Unbreakable journey, we will typically meet once every month to three months.


Embarking on your journey to become Unbreakable can be daunting. What if it doesn’t work? How long will it take? Is this even right for me – what if there really is something “wrong” with me? Becoming Unbreakable takes courage and dedication, which are not always easy to muster. That’s why we offer a free first session – so you can experience directly what working with us more extensively might be like for you.

Get Started

Get in touch schedule your free interview / “practice” session and see what we’re all about

Your first at-home practice task!

To help facilitate our first discussion, please think about and possibly jot down your thoughts about the following two topics:

(1) What, specifically, do you want to accomplish in therapy?

(2) What are the two or three things most likely to hinder the accomplishment of your therapy goal(s)?


It’s ok. Not everyone is ready to embark on their Unbreakable journey right away. Please know: your interest in gathering information is the first step. Here are resources that can help you learn more and provide support today:

Resources for personal growth

Here are just a few resources available to help you live your best life. These books, podcasts, and apps have proven to be valuable resources to help support your journey.

Free, 15-minute guided meditation

Meditation is a valuable addition to your practice to help you live a more mindful and calm existence. Here’s a sample meditation perfect for any level of practice.

How to choose a therapist

Choosing the right therapist is an important and often challenging decision. For a few ideas to consider when making your decision, click below.


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